Ahoy! 10 Fun Pirate Costume Ideas

Ahoy! 10 Fun Pirate Costume Ideas

Posted by Yasmina on 2021 Sep 24th

10 Amazing Pirate Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Are you obsessed with pirates and their grungy, interesting yet eclectic costumes? These timeless characters have been the subject of so many movies, television series, books, video games, and more throughout centuries. One of our favourites is the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which returned IN 2017 with a stunning fifth movie, in which Captain Jack Sparrow goes out to look for Poseidon’s Trident. Jack is seeking to free the Black Pearl from its tiny glass bottle prison. In addition, the terrifying Captain Salazar and his ghost crew, who escaped from the Devil’s Triangle, seek revenge upon Jack Sparrow.The movie has been praised for being beautiful and fun. A lot of talented designers worked on the movie: the costumes in Dead Man Tell No Tales are simply incredible!

Whether you’re looking to recreate a costume from your favourite pirate movies or to create your own, take a look at our pirate costume ideas below!

1. Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume

Via @carmenvalentina on Instagram

This cosplayer really nailed both Jack Sparrow’s outfit and his facial expression, as well as the tiny details associated with his character. Captain Jack Sparrow costumes are some of the most popular pirate costumes out there, and for good reason: the character, played by Johnny Depp, is nothing short of iconic! Join the pirate fun with Captain Jack Sparrow's signature outfit for an exciting yet recognizable character. 

2. Family Pirate Kid's Costumes

Via @thehaasventures on Instagram

If there is anything we know for certain, it's that kids love pirate costumes! This means that pirates are the perfect inspiration for your next family costume. Parents can dress up as pirates and dress their little one as a pirate, or, for older children, the entire family could wear pirate-themed costumes! Opt for a simpler costume like in this picture—you can't go wrong with something more comfortable, especially for a busy night of trick-or-treating!

3. Women's Pirate Costume

Via @tien_zi on Instagram

We love a good pirate costume.Ladies, why not become a pirate captain yourself? While some will chose to dress up as Elizabeth Swan or as astrologer Carina Smyth, you can become a fearsome pirate with a Pirates of the Caribbean inspired costume. Take this cosplayer’s lead and don’t forget your bottle of rum!

4. Group Pirate Costume


There’s no denying it, costumes are better with friends. Why not opt for a  group pirate costume like this amazing pirate group pictured above? You’re sure to be a hit at any con or Halloween party. Even children and babies can participate in this fun costume idea! 

5. Dark Mermaid Costume


While not technically a pirate, we also enjoy a good ocean-themed costume to accompany someone's pirate outfit. Elevate your couple's costume this year by going as a pirate and a dark mermaid together. Be the hypnotising siren of the Seven Seas and charm the pirates off the ship and into your cavern! 

6. Blue Pirate

Via Brixican on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Of course, no one said your pirate costume had to brown and historic! There are loads of other great pirate costumes out there. Get creative, mix and match accessories and colours and have fun with your costume! We love this fresh take on a blue pirate's outfit, with a crisp blue corset and white shirt underneath.

7. Steampunk Pirate


Combine two loved styles with this awesome steampunk pirate costume! While at its base, steampunk elements can look similar to pirate costumes, we love how this cosplayer added steampunk elements such as a pocket-watch, steampunk goggles and brown accessories. Combine another style with the pirate aesthetic for a truly creative approach!

8. Captain Hook


Try your hand at this beloved Disney villain in this Captain Hook pirate's costume! Another recognizable pirate from a movie, we love this cosplayer's rendition of Captain Hook and his amazing coat and hat. All you need is Smee at your side for a fun group costume, or Peter Pan!

9. Pirates of the Caribbean Cast

Via @carmenvalentina, @alittleandroid and @deceptology on Instagram

Move over Pirates of The Caribbean! This trio of cosplayer sisters are truly unrecognizable from their original source as they look exactly like Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner. Looking for a great couple or group costume? Look no further, as this trio is a fantastic and fun pirate costume to try on this Halloween season.

10. Captain Barbossa from the Pirates Franchise 


Another favourite from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is this villain, Captain Hector Barbossa! While his character terrified us all when he first hit the big screen during the first installment of the franchise, this costume is an excellent option for someone who wants to dress as a easily recognizable pirate character. Want to kick it up a notch? Go as Captain Barbossa in zombie-form for a truly creative spin!

Did these pirate costume ideas inspire you? What's your favourite pirate movie? You better find a great pirate costume for Halloween this year—otherwise you might have to walk the plank! Browse our amazing selection of pirate costumes below, and tag us on social media if you choose to partake in the swashbuckling fun! 

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