6 Best PJ Masks Costume Ideas for Halloween!

6 Best PJ Masks Costume Ideas for Halloween!

Posted by Anabelle Zaluski on 2022 Sep 15th

PJ Masks, one of the most popular children's TV shows of this year, seems to get bigger and bigger by the minute. Owlette, Catboy, and Gekko all have tons of merchandise, new episodes all the time, and even live shows!

We've been paying attention to all the trends for Halloween—and PJ Masks is pretty high on the list! Whether your child will be one of the characters by themselves, or you'd like to make a PJ Masks family group costume, we have the look for you! Check out our favourite PJ Masks costume ideas here!

1. Family PJ Masks Costume

PJ Masks Costume Halloween 2020 Family Group Costume

Your family will look so cute in a PJ Masks group costume! These parents are Owlette and Catboy, and their adorable child is Gekko. They even have a PJ Masks trick-or-treat bag! This look is super simple. Add a coloured cape and mask to a simple t-shirt, and you're good to go!

2. Owlette Adult Costume

PJ Masks Costume Halloween 2020 Owlette

If you love PJ Masks and you're going out on your own, don't be afraid to sport a solo costume! This amazing woman looks great in her bright pink Owlette costume. Who says PJ Masks is just for kids? Find more adult costumes right here.

3. Catboy and Gekko Costumes

PJ Masks Costume Halloween 2020 Catboy Gekko

These siblings look so adorable in their matching PJ Masks costumes! Catboy and Gekko make such a great pair, it's hard to stay away from this adorable friendship. To go the extra mile, get more PJ Masks merch just like these kids: stickers, trick-or-treat bags, and more!

4. PJ Masks Mascot Costumes

PJ Masks Costume Halloween 2020 Gekko Mascot

What's better than a Gekko costume? A giant Gekko costume! This parent made their child's birthday party so special with a PJ Masks mascot costume. That's right, they're not just limited to Halloween! These mascot costumes are great because your child will think you're their favourite PJ Masks character.

5. Luna Girl Costume

PJ Masks Costume Halloween 2020 Luna GirlKeep your eye to the  sky, leave the moon to me. It's time to see some villain costumes! Did you know that Luna Girl had to spend Christmas by herself every year, until the PJ Masks helped her? That's very brave of them. Become Luna Girl this Halloween for a great group costume with your kids, just like this amazing example!

6. Romeo Costume

PJ Masks Costume Halloween 2020 Romeo Luna Girl Costume

Romeo is the perfect mad scientist! He's the main villain in PJ Masks and creates fun gadgets throughout the show. Make your kids laugh for Halloween and dress up as Romeo like this dad! All you really need is a white lab coat. To complete the look, get a big wig and funny glasses.

There are so many great  PJ Masks costume options for Halloween! Which will you and your family choose? Make your kids happy this year and get them a PJ Masks costume. Now, go into the night so you can save the day!

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