13 Best Inflatable Costumes Ideas for Kids and Adults

13 Best Inflatable Costumes Ideas for Kids and Adults

Posted by Sabrina Marie Balliana on 2021 Jun 15th

13 Cool and Funny Inflatable Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Inflatable costumes have made waves in the costume world, with more and more people joining the fun and getting themselves inflatable costumes. Perfect for a party, trick-or-treating, or even a mascot, these costumes make great last-minute ideas, and can last for about four hours! They're simple, require little to not set up, and require only 4 AA batteries to keep it running! Not only that, but they are inclusive as they are for any gender and age. Here at Oya Costumes, we are obsessed with this trend, and wanted to show a few of our favourites so you can join the inflatable fun, too! 

1. Alien Abduction Costume 

Alien Abduction Inflatable Costume

Looking for a quick costume that also brings the laughs? Watch out for these silly little green men invading Halloween this year! Have an out-of-this-world costume and entertain all the fellow earthlings with these inflatable costumes that look like you're being abducted! Whether you're trick-or-treat across the galaxy or pretend to be abducted like this hilarious man, we're sure this costume is sure to coolest in Area 51. 

2. T-Rex

Family in T-Rex Dinosaur Inflatable Costume

Via @melodystadler on Instagram

One of the hottest internet trends as of late, the T-Rex costume is a fan-favourite for inflatable costumes! Get your whole family involved like this festive family in the photo, or get creative and go as one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park or Ice Age! The possibilities are endless in this hilarious (and huge!) costume. 


Katy Perry in Inflatable Sloth Costume


Can you believe Katy Perry went out like this for Halloween for her guest appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan? We bet she caused quite a stir in the audience! Not only that, but her American Idol co-stars also joined the inflatable fun - Luke Bryan dressed as an inflatable eagle and Lionel Richie dressed as an inflatable panda! 

4. Inflatable Morph Suit

Group in Inflatable Morph Suits in Different Colours

Via Reddit 

Want to match with your coworkers or classmates but not sure what theme? These amazing inflatable morph-suits solve the problem! Assign each other a colour and prepare or a day of laughter as you try to fit through doors and complete other tasks in this comically shaped costume.

5. A Princess and her Unicorn

Pink Princess and White Unicorn Inflatable Costume For Kids

Via @k_hofstra82 on Instagram

If your child has been dreaming about becoming a princess and riding a matching unicorn, this costume might be perfect for your family! She can finally live out the fantasy without heavy accessories weighing her down - inflatable costumes are incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver in!

6. Baymax

Baymax, Cow, Dinosaur Inflatable Costumes

Via @hginflate on Instagram

Want to go as a specific character from one of your favourite movies? Some popular characters, such as Baymax from Big Hero 6, have an adorable inflatable costume to fulfil that desire and make you feel like you're really them! We absolutely love this group shot, featuring the famed T-Rex costume, the equally popular cow costume and Baymax! Elevate your group costume ideas and be the talk of the town in these amazing lightweight suits. 


Grey Hippo in Dress Inflatable Costume at Fountain

Via @buffaloexchange on Instagram

Did you know inflatable costumes are waterproof? That's right; not only are they extremely durable but they can withstand the rain, so you don't need to plan a costume change in the event of a little rain! Just step into your inflatable suit and spend the night in the comfortable, dry comfort of your costume, just like this hippo hanging out by the fountain!

8. Sumo Wresters 

Sumo Wrestlers Inflatable Costume

Via @melodystadler on Instagram

Ready to show off how tough you are at a party? These sumo wrestler costumes will surely keep everyone out of your way and convince other party-goers of your strength and skills. Make sure your facial expression is as fierce as sumo wrestlers' for the full effect! 

9. Llama 

Pink Llama Inflatable Kids Costume

Via @cassie_lyons2208 on Instagram

If riding horses or unicorns aren't your thing - no problem! Inflatable costumes cater to everyone's tastes. Ride an adorable llama this Halloween season to trick-or-treat and convince people that your feet aren't touching the ground! 

10. Unicorn 

White Unicorn Inflatable Adult and Kid Costume

Via @kyli_rochelle on Instagram

Want a hilarious costume for a night out on the town? You'll certainly turn some heads in this inflatable unicorn costume like this girl did! In addition to being the cutest costume around - inflatable costumes that include the head covers can keep you safe from Covid-19 and other bacteria. Now you can safely have fun, within your bubble. 

11. Jet-Pack 

Family in Jetpack and Alien Inflatable Costume
Via @franceslrothrd on Instagram

3, 2, 1, blast off! Dreaming about exploring space but unable to do it due to the limitations of Earth? This jet-pack costume is the perfect opportunity to fulfill those dreams, while staying safe with your two feet planted on the ground. Have a friend join in with an alien costume and have the greatest costume duo across the Solar System! 

12. Chicken 

Chicken Inflatable Couple Costume

Why did the chicken cross the road? To trick-or-treat in style!  Elevate your matching couple's costume this year with this amazing inflatable chicken suit and get ready to turn heads this Halloween. Not interested in matching? Pair this chicken suit with the popular cow costume for a farm themed duo, which will surely keep you amused all night! 

13. Cows

Inflatable Costumes of Cow, T-Rex and Ape on Farm

Via @pretty_princess23 on Instagram

Not only are T-Rex costumes all the rage right now, but so are these adorable cows! We love this picture of these inflatable cow costumes, especially because it was appropriately taken on a farm! Want to see more of these amazing cow costumes? Check out this video of  @heyyitskalina and her hilarious dance routine - all while dressed as a cow! 

Coming up with creative costumes every year can be a challenge for some, but these inflatable costumes take away the trouble and give you a complete (and hilarious!) costume in the matter of seconds. Take a look below at our line of inflatable costumes, and don't forget to tag us on social media if you join the trend! 

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