12 Fun Circus and Jester Costume Ideas

12 Fun Circus and Jester Costume Ideas

Posted by Sabrina Marie Balliana on 2021 Aug 6th

12 Exciting Circus and Jester Costume Ideas

Come one, come all! The circus has remained one of our favourite forms of entertainment, and for good reason. From clowns, to elephants, to lion tamers, to acrobats - there is something for everyone! Did you know the first circus in the style that we know of today is  credited to cavalryman Philip Astley, in 1770? Not only are there lots of options for circus themed costumes—like ringmaster or bearded lady—but also tons of amazing jester costumes as well! Jesters are incredibly popular characters from Mardi Gras and Venice masquerade festivals, inspired from these medieval-era clowns. 

If you're looking for a circus or jester themed costume for this Halloween, look no further! We have tons of ideas down below, and if you want even more inspiration, we have a whole section for circus, carnival and jester costumes to get the ball rolling. 

1. Mardi Gras Jester

Mardi Gras Jester Couple in Texas

Via The Library of Congress

Mardi Gras jesters are classics of any Mardi Gras celebration - with their bright purple and emerald green hues, as well as eclectic jewelry and masquerade masks, jesters are amazingly intricate costumes that you could be proud to sport. We love this picture of the King and Queen of Mardi Gras in San Antonio Texas and how cohesive their costume is together. Matching jester outfits are fantastic couple or group costume ideas!

2. Circus Costumes for Kids

Circus Costumes for Kids

Via @thelockelife on Instagram

How adorable are these matching circus costumes for kids? This family's look really proves that you can rock a circus-inspired costume at any age! Not only is the ringmaster costume is great, but the mime is especially creative (and easy to achieve!). Mime costumes are super easy to make. Just grab a striped shirt, some makeup, and black and white accessories! And if you have a baby in the family, the rabbit in a hat idea is super cute and easy for little ones. 

3. Circus-Inspired Makeup

Circus-inspired Makeup

Via @majestic_mayhem on Instagram

If you're good at makeup, this costume option is perfect for you! You don't have to worry about elaborate costumes and fancy outfits if you don't want to. Let your  Halloween makeup speak for itself! This makeup artist did a gorgeous job using makeup to turn themselves into a circus performer. The red and black colour combination really stands out, and the little hat is such a cute accessory! 

4. Jester Character

Via @ausra_kel on Instagram

Want to dress as a jester in a non-traditional way? Try dressing as one of your favourite characters from pop culture, like @ausra_kel pictured above, dressing as Cicero from Skyrim! We love this creative take on a classic jester costume as it adds an extra layer of characterization that a generic character might lack. Alternatively, try Harley Quinn's original red and black jester costume if you would like to try this idea on for size!

5. Bearded Lady Costume for Kids and Adults

Bearded Lady Costume for Adult and Kid

Via @lularoetwingenuity on Instagram

This bearded lady costume, inspired by The Greatest Showman, is super fun and unique. We love the matching parent and child look! You can get your own bearded lady costume or you can easily DIY it. All you really need is some facial hair and a dress! If you want to customize your circus costume, this is the perfect option for you. Whether you want to go purple like these ladies, or any other colour, you'll still look put-together on Halloween!

6. Dumbo Elephant Costumes for Kids

Via @brighteyesbrunettes on Instagram

Did you see the new  Dumbo movie? We're so happy that this classic circus story has been reborn! It follows a young elephant with really big ears that allow him to fly. It teaches kids that their differences are special, and that anyone can succeed. The elephants in this movie are so cute, and the costumes are perfect for kids! This pair looks adorable in their matching Dumbo costumes. We have lots of other animal costumes in stock, so you can have the whole circus!

7. Classic Venice Masquerade Jester


If you've ever traveled to Venice, Italy, then you'll know how rich their culture is, and how important the masquerade carnival is, held in February. This type of jester is truly a remarkable and creative one, with outfits in eccentric colours and intricate masks and hats. Pay homage to this famed and historical carnival festival and create a Venetian jester costume to stun everyone at the party! 

8. The Greatest Showman Couple's Costume

Greatest Showman Couple Costume

Via @beeefreed on Instagram

This couple's costume is the perfect idea for Halloween 2020! The Greatest Showman's love story is so inspiring, and of course, Zendaya and Zac Efron are so fun to watch. This couple did an amazing job replicating their costumes! If you want to get this look yourself, get a ringmaster costume and a purple or pink leotard. You're pretty much good to go! Don't forget to check out our other couple costumes for more inspiration.

9. Scary Clown 

Via @esmiii.03 on Instagram

Who wants to dress as a boring ol' clown, anyway? We love this creepy clown costume from @esmiii.03, especially with Pennywise on the right! Who says circus costumes have to be traditional? Transform any circus costume into their spooky counterparts by making creepy clowns, zombie animals, or dark jesters!

10. Elegant Jester

Via @monsieur.costume on Instagram

Wow! We absolutely adore this classy jester by @monsieur.costume, especially the elegant fabrics utilized for the costume. This jester costume feels more regal than costume-y, adding an extra flair for anyone looking to switch up the classic jester style. @Monsieur.costume stuck to the original jester concept, but his execution brings an element of classiness that we think is beautiful. 

11. Ringmaster and Lion Circus Costume

Ringmaster and LIon Circus Costumes

Via @curlykristine on Instagram

This circus costume idea is super simple and easy! If you're going to work to show of your Halloween look, or you want to party all night long, choose a costume like these ones. This person's little hat and red jacket make for an easy ringmaster look, and all you need for a  lion costume is your mane! Whether you're going alone or with a partner or a friend, this costume is perfect for when you want to keep it low-key.

12. Strongman Family Costume

Strongman Family Circus Costume with Clown

Via @jessicaeaton88 on Instagram

Did you know that there are tons of  famous strongmen in history? Why not dress up as one of them? This family decided to customize their group costume, and they look amazing! You really can't go wrong with a circus costume—these looks are great on everyone. If you want to really perfect a strongman costume, get some styrofoam blocks and paint them to look like metal. Everyone will think you're the strongest man on the block! 

What's your favourite circus or jester costume idea? There are tons of options out there, but you can't go wrong with our basics. Check out our circus and jester section below for more ideas, and don't forget to tag us on social media if you choose to join the campy fun!

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