12 Cool Cape Costume Ideas

12 Cool Cape Costume Ideas

Posted by Tanya Brassard on 2021 Aug 12th

12 Cape-Based Costume Ideas For the Whole Family

There is a reason capes are staples in so many outfits and characters' costumes: they're sleek, fashionable, and send a message of power. The earliest historical instance of a cape dates back to 1066, where there was an "illustration of a soldier or shepherd that had a cape draped across his shoulder". Common in medieval Europe, these capes have evolved over centuries and with varying degrees of popularity with many different renditions, existing anywhere from fashion to costumes to religious groups.  

Capes are staples in so many costumes, whether it be an established superhero like Superman or Batman, or in something more generic like a vampire or masquerade outfit. Looking for inspiration for a cape costume? Browse our list for these easy and inexpensive cape-based costumes! 

1. Wizard Cape Costume 

Kid Pink Wizard Cape


Have a magical take on Halloween costumes this year and don a wizard cape! This costume is extremely easy to achieve, requiring only a cape, a hat and a wand. Who says your costume has to be classic dark blue like all other wizard ones? We absolutely adore the wizard cloak pictured above, featuring a pastel pink velour variation of a traditional wizard outfits, making this costume idea a creative one for anyone. 

2. Fortune Teller Costume with Cloak



Pay homage to classic Americana-style fortune tellers like Zoltar machines, found in Coney Island and at other carnivals, with a fortune teller costume! Predict the future (and how many candies you might get!) with this easy to achieve costume, consisting of a head-scarf, a crystal ball, and of course a cape! 

3. Pumpkin Cape


How can you celebrate Halloween without any pumpkins?! We adore this simple and adorable colour-block style pumpkin cape that @deliacreates posted about. Her article demonstrates exactly how you can make this for yourself or your child, and we love how comfortable it looks and how easy it is to put on! 

4. Little Red Riding Hood Cloak 

DIY Little Red Riding Hood Costume


Everyone knows Little Red Riding Hood and her story, originating from the Brothers' Grimm Fairytale. We absolutely love this DIY Little Red Riding Hood costume made by stitchedbycrystal. Little Red Riding Hood's costume is simple, consisting of a dress, a basket and her robe! Elevate your family, group or couple costume and pair this cape-based costume with Granny and the Big Bad Wolf for an amazing photo opportunity! 

5. Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera Costume with Cape

Via @nurbikee on Instagram

Did you know the Broadway rendition of The Phantom of The Opera was a re-telling of Gaston Leroux's novel of the same name? Having been released decades ago, the novel did not reach much success, until Andrew Lloyd Webber chose to adapt the story after reading a copy and watching the 1925 rendition. The Phantom of The Opera's major success happened after Gaston Leroux had been dead for many years. Pay homage to this incredible story and production by going as Eric, the Phantom, and his caped costume he wears early on in the play! 

6. Butterfly Cape

Butterfly Cape Costume

Via @jeannejonesart on Instagram

Butterflies are some of the most unique and beautiful creatures on the planet, due to their interesting wing patterns, made up of bright and eclectic colours and spots. Dress up as these amazing insects by throwing on a butterfly print cape, black leggings, a black shirt and antennae, and fly off into the night! 

7. Unicorn Cape 


Unicorn costumes have been all the rage in the last few years, ranging from full-on costumes or onesies to more simple DIY renditions. Try out this trend by acquiring or creating a holographic cape and a white body suit or dress, and don't forget your horn! You can even go as Pegasus, Hercules' sidekick, or any other famous unicorn character from pop culture to switch it up!

8. Vampire with Cape


Vampire costumes are always popular, whether it be a costume of a generic Transylvanian vampire or a character, like a vampire from Twilight. While vampires have taken on many different forms over the years, you can almost always count on them to have a cape as one of their accessories! 

9. Modern Stylish Cape


Via Abtin Mohebifar on Pexels

If you want a last-minute outfit to wear for Halloween, but don't exactly know which character, there is always the possibility of dressing in a stylish cape. A more mature take on the cape trend, this can elevate any dress or fashionable outfit into something sleek and elegant, as well as mysterious and edgy. 

10. Fruit Capes


Similar to the homemade pumpkin cape costume listed in this article, these fruit cape costumes utilize a similar method and are just as adorable. Not only that, but you can customize these capes by using the same pattern or swapping the colors or patterns to make it into any costume with a capelet! The versatility (and speed at which you can create these) is amazing. 

11. DIY Bat Cape

DIY Bat Cape Costume


What's Halloween without a bat? Transform yourself into the famous spooky animal with an easy to achieve bat cape! Not only is it easy to create, but also requires very little clothing, other than a black outfit to wear underneath and a headband with ears. Did you know that "bats can live more than 30 years and can fly at speeds of 60 miles per hour?"

12. King Cape or Mouse King from the Nutcracker


Many of us have fond memories of watching The Nutcracker theatre production around the holidays, or movie renditions of the famous story. Pay homage to this famous ballet by dressing you or someone in your group as the Mouse King. Alternatively, a king's cape could be used for any other king character from pop culture, or just a generic king on its own. The possibilities are endless, and crowns are super easy to make from home, too!

Accessories can make or break any costumes, and capes are no exception. They can transform any normal outfit into something spooky and mysterious, or make any character from pop-culture instantly recognizable. Browse our vast selection of capes, and tag us on social media if you choose to join in on the caped fun! 

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