11 Perfect Ideas for Your Animal Halloween Costume

11 Perfect Ideas for Your Animal Halloween Costume

Posted by Yasmina on 2021 Oct 2nd

11 Amazing Animal Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Halloween provides a rare opportunity for people to let their imaginations run wild—literally wild! And what better way to explore your wild side, than to pull on a cute and cuddly or frighteningly fur-rocious animal costume?

Not surprisingly, there’s a veritable stampede of animal costumes available to choose from. We’ve corralled up a herd of 11 of our favourites for you to view. So, what does your inner-animal look like?

1. Lion Costume

Via Pikawil from Laval, Canada – Montreal Comiccon 2015: Lion Superman on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

With the new Lion King remake now out in cinemas, lion costumes are more popular than ever. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the king of the jungle for Halloween? Let us hear you roar loud and proud in your lion costume! Lion onesies are soft, cuddly, and warm–a perfect choice for Halloween. You could also opt for other kinds of lion costumes, or even just a lion mask!

2. DIY Homemade Fox, Hedhehog and Owl


We are so obsessed with this awesome and creative homemade woodland animals costumes' set! From foxes to hedgehogs to owls, this costume set features a DIY rendition of these adorable animals, featuring easy to use items like coloured paper and cardboard! Use this method as a jumping point for other animal costumes, too!

3. Jellyfish


How cool is this homemade jellyfish costume?! We're obsessed with amazing glowing DIY jellyfish costume! All you need is a wide brim hat, some battery-operated lights and some loofahs to get you going! Not only are these all things that are easily accessible, but this costume is sure to turn heads at the party with its glowing energy!

4. Chicken 


How adorable is this homemade chicken costume for babies?! While very easy to create, using rubber clothes for the chicken's feet, we also think this costume is as adorable as it is accessible. Want ideas for a family costume? Scroll down below for our suggestions on family farm animal costumes!

5. Shark Costume 



Shark week makes waves every year! People are growing more and more aware that sharks get a bad reputation. A shark costume could be whatever you want it to be! It has the potential to be scary, adorable, or even funny ( Left shark, we’re looking at you). Did you know… that the man in the Left Shark Costume refused to talk to the press for a while?

6. Penguin Costume

Via Charlie / Garret Engle / Smith – Flickr: The Three Penguins – Hong Kong – Engle on Wikimedia Commons

They’re cute, they’re funny, and they’re perfect for both adults and children: penguin costumes are perfect for many occasions! How can you resist a fluffy  penguin onesie, or a oh-so-huggable penguin mascot? You can keep your costume sweet and simple or get a warm penguin outfit for those chilly Halloween nights (or for chilling at home–we won’t judge). Waddle on over in a penguin costume!

7. Homemade Octopus Costume


Looking for a costume for both mom/dad and baby? This amazing homemade DIY baby and octopus costume is perfect for anyone who wants to trick-or-treat with their little one close to them. Explore the Seven Seas in this creative and fun octopus suit!

8. Cat Costume

Via Madman2001 on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

The new Cats trailer left people feline a little confused, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love for cats with a cat costume! And be-claws there are so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a cat costume that looks pawsitively purrfect on you! Whether you prefur a cozy cat onesie or a a sassy catsuit, you’ll be the coolest cat on the block! Did you know… that some cats are born with extra toes? They’re called polydactyl cats or Hemmingway cats!

9. Panda Costumes

Via @chipsetpaillettes on Instagram

It really doesn’t get much cuter than a kid in a panda costume! Adults can also enjoy these black and white costumes as they tend to be quite cozy.  Pandas are endangered animals, so you could also choose to wear a panda costume to raise awareness to that cause, the same way people wear polar bear costumes at climate protests.

10. Family Farm Costumes

Looking for a fun family themed costume? Look no further, for this amazing farm costume is perfect for the whole family! Additionally, it doesn't have to be a cow, goat or pig as it can be any farm animal, making it an a versatile option for your family or friend group costume this Halloween season!

11. Sheep Costume


Bah bah black sheep, have you any wool? This adorable homemade sheep's costume includes cotton balls to simulate a sheep's wool. Not only will your child be the cutest on the farm, but they'll be so warm and comfortable, too! We love a good homemade costume, especially when it's made with easily accessible items! 

What's your favourite animal? Will you be using our easy animal costume ideas this Halloween? Get a group of friends together and you can be a whole zoo, farm or ocean ecosystem! And don't forget to tag us on social media if you choose to partake in the fun!

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