10 Fun Costumes to Celebrate Canada Day

10 Fun Costumes to Celebrate Canada Day

Posted by Sabrina Marie Balliana on 2021 Jun 16th

Cool Costume Ideas to Celebrate Canada Day for the Whole Family

Every year, Canadians rally together and celebrate July 1st, which is a national statutory holiday named Canada Day. This is the anniversary of the Constitution Act in 1967, which commemorates the confederation of the colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada into one nation under the British Empire, named "Canada". Celebrations vary, but mostly includes barbecues, fireworks, outdoor concerts, parades and get-togethers. Canada day is an easy theme to dress up to: all you need are the classic red and white colours, and a Canadian flag! We've compiled a list below to inspire you to dress-up for the nation's famed holiday, so you can celebrate in style while giving thanks to this amazing country that continues to do amazing things for its people!

1. Classic RCMP Uniform

Child RCMP Costume with Horse

One of our favourites of course, is the iconic uniform of the RMCP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)! It's a classic, and well-recognized by everyone. Many people have honoured the uniform by dressing up as one of the RMCP for Canada day. Did you know? The RMCP's iconic red jacket was initially chosen so that the Royal Mounted Police would be easily identified to their British predecessors as opposed to the Americans (represented by blue).

2. Pet Costumes

Canada Day themed Dog Costumes

Want to be participate without having to dress up yourself? Dress up your dog or other pet and bring them with you while you to celebrate festivities! Join the parade together or sit back and watch the outdoor concerts before the fireworks with your furry companion by your side.

3. RCMP-inspired

RCMP-inspired woman's outfit Riza Santos

As much as the original RCMP uniform is a classic, we also love this RCMP-inspired glamourous outfit! Pictured above is our very own Riza Santos in 2013, who is the first Canadian beauty pageant titleholder who won not one, but three major Canadian beauty pageants! With a glittery red blazer and a peplum-style cut, this trendy take on the classic RCMP look screams fashionable and elegant!

4. Fisherman

Fisherman Canada Day Costume Family

Want to pay homage to Newfoundland's hugely historical culture of fishing? Get creative this Canada Day and dress up as classic fishermen and change it up! Have your partner, friend or family member dress up a a fish or a crab for a creative spin on this Canadian themed costume and make a splash at the barbecue!

5. Hockey Player and Stanley Cup

Hockey and Stanley Cup Couple Costume

Are you a Montreal Canadiens or a Toronto Maple Leafs fan? Choose wisely before you sport a Hockey jersey at the Canada Day party, or be prepared for some good ol' fashioned banter! Want to match with a friend or partner? Have them dress up as the famed Stanley Cup and represent Canada's favourite sport all while celebrating our great country!

6. Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

Tim Hortons Drive-Thru Costume

Make head turns at the parade in this hilarious homemade Tim Hortons drive-thru costume! We all know Tim Hortons is considered our unofficial national restaurant, so no better way than to celebrate Canada Day by spreading laughs with this creative design!

7. Canadian-Themed SuperHero

Canadian Themed Wonder Woman Costume

Want to give a Canadian twist to your favorite superheroes? All you need are clothes friendly paint, red or white accessories and a little imagination. After all, Captain Canada sounds just as good as Captain America! Did you know? An actual Canadian version of Captain America called Captain Canuck was created by the cartoonist Ron Leishman and artist Richard Comely in 1975.Let’s also not forget that Deadpool is born in an “unrevealed location in Canada" and the Wolverine was born in Cold Lake, Alberta. Are you one of those who always chose DC comics over Marvel? We got you covered – the Canadian transformation works for every superhero – Wonder Woman also has a Canadian heart, as pictured above!

8. Red or White Morph-Suit

Red and White Canadian Morphsuit

Want to keep it simple? Try a Canadian flag themed morph-suit and have your costume ready in a matter of seconds! You'll keep cool and comfortable in this agile outfit, while also representing the iconic maple leaf emblem! Alternatively, try the simple red or white morph-suit and add a ton of accessories, like headbands, scarves, glow-sticks, hats, and others!

9. Canadian Animal Costumes

Child Moose Costume for Canada Day

If there is one thing Canada is known for, its our diverse and abundant ecosystem! Did you know that Canada's forests account for 9% of the worlds forests, as well covering about 38% of Canada's lands? You're bound to run into so many amazing animals exploring those areas, like moose, beavers, raccoons, and many other popular Canadian animals! The possibilities are endless.

10. Lumberjack

Family Lumberjack Costume

Don your favourite red and black plaid shirt and throw on some jeans, and you have yourself a classic Canadian costume in the matter of minutes! Match with your family and get yourself a toy axe, and pay homage to the classic job of lumberjack. 

Overall, there is so many good reasons to celebrate Canada. Whether you have your own special Canada Day costume, or you simply don your favorite red sweater, you are a part of this diverse and peaceful country, and you should celebrate it. Take a look below at some of our Canada Day inspired costumes, and tag us on social media if you choose to join in the fun!

Happy Canada Day!

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