Funny Costumes

Funny Costumes

Funny Halloween Costumes and DIY Funny Costumes Ideas

Oya Costumes in Canada offers a huge selection of funny costumes online designed to help you showcase your sense of humour. Stand out from the others by turning heads with a side-splittingly funny costume. Whether it’s the Male Varsity Cheerleader Outfit (a great costume to team up with friends on) or one of our hilarious clown costumes such as Checkers the Clown, you’ll be the one people remember. Surprise your friends with something more hilarious than they ever imagined possible with a funny costume from Oya. Whatever you need to make people cry with laughter, we’ve definitely got it. Whether you're looking for a funny video game costume (since the amazing Mario Odyssey came out, Mario and Luigi costumes have been increasingly popular), a funny animal costume (our Funky Chicken costume will have your friends clucking with laughter), or food related costumes ( take a look at our beer costume or banana costumes!), we have you covered! For a perfect, unique, punny costume, you can also take a look at our hilarious accessories, props, wigs, and masks (the Simpsons Itchy Accessory Kit is a fan-favourite) to make a DIY funny costume! Who said Halloween had to be scary? You can make everyone cry tears of laughter thanks to these outrageously funny costumes! They're also amazing for pranks, costume parties, carnaval and many more events! Your friends won't believe their eyes when they see these amazingly funny costumes. If you're out of ideas, fear no more: we've got hundreds of funny costumes, and you're sure to find one that'll fit your sense of humor!

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