Superman Costume

Superman Costume

Superman Costume and Supergirl Costumes

Welcome to our collection of Superman Costumes and Supergirl Costumes for Adults and Kids. Is it a bird? It is a plane? No! It's Superman...or Supergirl! What wonderful memories Superman costumes and Supergirl costumes will bring back for adults and children alike. A Superman Costume, or one of his his side-kicks, is always a crowd favorite. Let no Kryptonite defeat you! You don't need to be called Clark Kent to put on your cape and fly to your next fancy dress party in one of our Superman Costumes, such as the New Superman Adult Costume. Looking for something a little simpler? This Superman costume comprising of a shirt and a removable cape should do the trick! Not to mention, your whole family can have Superman costumes and Supergirl costumes: your children will love the Superman Deluxe Classic Muscle Costume and the Child Clark Kent and Superman Costume. Do you prefer Superman's cousin, Supergirl? In the eyes of the public, she’s an assistant at CatCo Worlwide Media. In reality, she’s an alien superhero working to protect National City. And whether you're a fan of Supergirl's TV show or of her comics, we have the Supergirl Costume that's right for you or your child! You'll love this TV Show Supergirl costume, and your daughter can dress up right alongside you with the Supergirl Girls costume. Go save the world with Superman costumes and Supergirl costumes thanks to Oya Costumes Canada!

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