Scary Masks

Scary Masks

Scary masks and creepy masks: from scary zombie masks to scary clown masks | Scary Halloween Masks

The easiest way to turn your ordinary costume into an extraordinarily spooky costume is to put on a scary mask! At Oya Costumes Canada, we're constantly updating our collection of scary Halloween masks so you always have something new to choose from. Transform into your favourite horror movie monster in seconds, or become a gruesome zombie in less time than it takes to say "braiiiins"! Our cryptic creatures zombie masks collection is frankly terrifying. Just look at this scary zombie mask! Go big or go home: our animotion masks, such as this Zombie Animotion Mask or this pumpkin animotion mask, are incredibly creepy and move when you open or close your mouth for added realism.These high quality masks are so detailed, you're sure to scare people this Halloween! We've got plenty of other zombie mask choices. This one comes with gloves! Nothing screams Halloween more than a pumpkin: you can transform into a horrifying pumpkin monster with our scary pumpkin mask, like this one with sharp teeth and a hood, or this Pumpkin scarecrow mask and hat. We've also got horror movie masks like this Jason bloody hockey mask and knife. And for fans of japanese horror movies, this Blank Face mask will be reminiscent of movies like Ringu. Fans of Hannibal will love this Hannibal Lecter half mask! And this Skull Half mask is also a great choice. Shop online for scary Halloween masks at Oya Costumes Canada! Free shipping available in Canada.

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