Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes: Groot Costume, Starlord Costume, Rocket Raccoon Costume, Gamora Costume...We have them all!

Who wouldn't love a Guardians of the Galaxy Costume? Guardians of the Galaxy is a one of a kind movie for superhero lovers and skeptics alike. It includes a cast of lesser-known Marvel characters and a relatively unexplored universe. These new, cheeky, and audacious plots feel refreshingly unique compared to the other repeated storylines that Marvel has been creating. And while the plot itself is well-written and plenty of fun, the movie’s greatest selling point by far are the cast of mismatched, fun and outlandish characters. What's so great about the movie is you get to pick from many different kinds of Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes! For instance, become an audacious space adventurer with our favorite Starlord Costumes: The Grand Heritage Starlord Costume which includes a very detailed coat and gloves, as well as a light up mask. Or the more casual yet just as great: Deluxe Starlord Costume. Do you want to be an extraordinarily powerful & literal-to-a-fault alien instead? Then get a Drax the Destroyer Costume! We have an Adult Drax  and a Child's Drax Costume. Or become a fiercely independent ex-assassin known as Gamora with the or do it yourself with a Gamora Deluxe Coat. Want to be the fan favorite: a linguistically-challenged & sentient tree? Then buy one of our Boys Groot costumes or do it yourself with the Groot Mask. Or finally, if you want a character with personality pick the brash but clever genetically modified raccoon! Our favorite Rocket Raccoon Costumes: Deluxe Boys Rocket Raccoon or the Prisoner Rocket Raccoon Costume. What more could you ask for in a group of friends? So grab your own set of ragtag pals for the upcoming sequel and soon to come out Infinity War, and set out to save the galaxy once again with your own Galaxy of the Guardians Costumes. Pick from Starlord Costumes, Groot Costumes, Rocket Raccoon Costumes and more! You can be a part of the coolest band of misfits in the universe with our Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes at Oya Costumes Canada. We also have many accessories and weapons to add to your costumes to make them authentic and perfect! And with the much awaited Avengers: Infinity War movie coming out soon and featuring both the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, you can be sure you and your friends will be the center of attention in your Guardians of the Galaxy costumes!

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