Pet Costume

Pet Costume

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We love our dogs, so why not have them join in the Halloween fun? Choose from a wide range of safe and comfortable costumes for your pooch, puppy, or Pekingese. What’s cuter than a dog? A dog in a costume! Your pet will look absolutely adorable in a pet costume. Not to mention, dogs are man’s best friends, and celebrating Halloween without your best friend is simply im-paws-ible. They may not be able to eat the candy, but your pets can certainly participate in the festivities by dressing up with you! Whether or not your dog actually plays fetch, she will look quite fetching in a costume. We offer many different pet costumes and accessories, so you’ll be sure to find something both you and your pet like. From Star Wars costumes like the Darth Vader Pet Costume or the At-At Pet Costume to the superheroe costumes like the Batman Pet Costume or the Wonder Woman Pet Costume. Many of these costumes have a matching or complementary human version, so make sure to check out our Mascot Costumes and our Costume Themes. We've even got group pet costumes or matching costumes with your pet for more Halloween costumes! Be sure to check out our collections of pet accessories and Christmas Pet costumes, too.

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