Costumes to match your Pet

Costumes to match your Pet

Dress up with your dog in a matching Halloween costume! Pet costumes and accessories to complement your costume

Dressing up and putting your dog in a matching pet costume for Halloween is perhaps one of the best ideas you could ever have.  Every Halloween, people get more and more creative when it comes to their costume, putting together DIY costumes or dressing up as every and any character you could think of. Couples costume, duo costumes, or group costumes are also increasingly popular, and people dress up in matching outfits with their friends, families, and significant other all the time. The next logical step is a matching costume with your pet! At Oya Costumes Canada, we have a steadily increasing collection of matching human/pet Halloween costumes. You and Fido won't be hard to find in the Waldo matching pet costumes, or  you can terrify the neighborhood in the Freddy Krueger costumes with your pet. People won't know whether to go "ahh!" or "aww!" But if your pet is showing signs of paranormal activities, who are you gonna call? The Ghostbusters costume with your pet will be a riot at any event. Both your child and your puppy can defy gravity in the Wicked Witch and Flying Monkey costumes, or they can fight for the First Order and defeat the Jedi thanks to the Kylo Ren Costume with Pet. Your daughter and your dog will become the world's coolest pair of superheroes in the Wonder Woman Costume with Pet. The paw-sibilities are endless! You could  be part of Gru's evil plans, and more. Shop online now for the best pet costumes; free delivery available in Canada.

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