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Batman Costumes

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Did you know… that actor Michael Keaton felt claustrophobic in his Batman Costume?
Batman Costumes have gone through possibly more re-incarnations than any other superheroSee More Dress Up Ideas

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Batman Costumes for Toddlers, Kids and Adults: Find your Batman Halloween Costume today!

What better way to enjoy your Halloween than to dress up in one of the Batman costumes from our collection. Batman costumes are a classic for Halloween and there are so many different editions of Batman and Batman characters to choose from. From the traditional classic Batman costume that comes in blue and grey, to our Grand Heritage Batman the Dark Knight Costume, the Armored Batman costume from the Justice League, and the many, many costumes from the animated DC comic series, we have all the Batman costumes and characters available at amazing prices. Of course our collection of Batman costumes includes all ages from kids to adults! Yes, girls too will absolutely love the Pink Batman Costume and ladies will have great options with Batgirl or Catwoman costumes too! For themed and costume ideas for groups, there are other favorite Batman characters such as a Robin costume as well as some of the greatest villains of all time like The Joker costume and Harley Quinn costumes. You can also dress up as other Batman villains such as the Riddler, The Penguin, or Killer Croc! With the most recent series of Justice League movies, there are suddenly a whole new branch of great group costume ideas most notably Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Flash. For the die hard Batman enthusiasts, many of you will prefer the Batman The Dark Knight costume. For the fans, Batman The Dark Knight costume from movie and the animated TV series remains the most popular Batman costume of all time. There is a Grand Heritage Dark Knight Costume for those looking for a theatre quality Batman costume. All our Batman costumes are officially licensed and most come with a molded muscle chest to make you feel and look like the real hero or villain in the movie. For the little ones, the batman costume toddlers and batman costume kids is the perfect get-up. Even teens can have their share of the limelight. For Halloween this year, buy your Batman costume at Oya Costumes and make your own Gotham City adventure!

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