Angel and Fairies Costume

Angel and Fairies Costume

Fly to the party with an angel costume or fairy costume!

What child hasn't dream of flying like a fairy? Colourful and sparkly, our fairy costumes are sure to be a hit! And for all the little angels out there, we also have a wonderful selection of angel costumes. Fairies are fantastical creatures who populate fairytales, legends, and children's dreams; sometimes tiny, sometimes giant, these mystical beings are usually associated with nature and possess magical powers. Most fairies have beautiful wings and some wield wands; while some are wise and others are mischievous, fairies are usually benevolent creatures. Famous fairies include Peter Pan's lifelong friend Tinkerbell, Cinderella's fairy godmother, or the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio. Whichever one you prefer, you are sure to find a fairy costume you like in our selection! We carry fairy costumes for adults and children so fairytale enthusiasts young and old can live the dream of being a fairy for a day. They're also great for group costumes: try picking out a women's costume and a girls' costume for a mother and daughter fairy costume! Our Lilac Fairy costume and Purple Butterfly Fairy Costume look great together, for instance. Take a look at our lovely Tinkerbell costume or our sparkly white Snowflake Fairy costume! And for the fairy families who are expecting a new addition, we also carry a beautiful Fairy Maternity Costume. If you'd rather trade your butterfly wings for some white feathered wings, take a look at our heavenly angel costumes! Often depicted with halos, white wings, and harps, angels are benevolent biblical characters. Angel costumes are always popular, with the fallen angel costume being a fun twist: take a look at our women's Angel Goddess costume, or our girls' Angelic Maiden costume! And for a DIY Angel costume, we've got all the accessories you need to get started, from the wings to the harp! Shop online now and find the perfect fairy costume or angel costume.

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