Western Costumes and Early American

Western Costumes and Early American

Step into the Far West with our Wild Western Costumes, Sheriff Costumes and Cowboy Costumes!

Howdy cowboy! Get on your horse and be transported to the Far West with our Wild West Costumes! Start by putting on your cowgirl or cowboy costume, and don't forget your cowgirl or cowboy hat--you'll need it to protect yourself from the desert sun. As you leave the prairie, you may encounter a prairie girl and a wild west rogue gambler. Talk to the gambler; he should point you in the direction of the nearest saloon. There, you'll be greeted by a Western Saloon Bartender and a cantina girl. If you come for a drink, there might even be a burlesque show with Can Can dancers! Stop for a drink or two so your horse can rest before you continue your Wild West journey! Wild West Costumes are a Halloween classic, enjoyed by men, women and children alike, so you can be sure you'll meet other cowboy characters on your way. If you're planning on riding in the desert at night, make sure you pack a Sheriff Costume, available for men and women. If these aren't to your liking, remember most of our cowgirls and cowboys costumes can be transformed into a sheriff costume with the right accessories, such as the sheriff hat or sheriff starYou'll want some sort of sheriff apparel to arrest the bad guys if you run into someone wearing the Gunslinger Costume or Outlaw Costume. Take one of our toy guns along with you for protection, too. Finally, you'll probably run into some people wearing American Warrior Costume. Have your very own Wild West adventure with our range of costumes! Shop online now. 

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