Halloween Make-Up

Halloween Make-Up

Amazing Halloween Accessories – Contact Lenses, Hair Wigs, Makeup & more!

What will you be for Halloween this year? With so many options, it's so exciting to plan your costume! To complete your perfect Halloween look, take a peek at our Halloween accessories! From makeup to jewelry to weapons, we have everything you need for your Halloween costume. See More Dress Up Ideas

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The Best Halloween Makeup and Accessories in Canada!

Halloween makeup is the best part of any costume! Makeup has the power to turn you into a character that will scare all your friends and family, or on the contrary, a fantastic creature that will charm your crush. The choices are endless! Whether you choose horror makeup or fancy makeup, Halloween makeup will turn your ordinary costume into an extraordinary costume. Whether it's a little blood for a vampire suit, sequins for a fairy costume, bright colours for superhero makeup, black and white for your skeleton costume, makeup  really makes a difference! For those who do not feel too comfortable with a makeup brush, we have temporary tattoos that make your next makeup look super easy. Of course, we also have all the basics like fake eyelashes and lipstick. You will also find kits with detailed explanations and instructions, like our pirate makeup kit! Shop here at Oya Costumes for the best shipping and customer service in Canada! Happy Halloween!

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