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Crayola with Pet

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Blue dog is a cute Blue Crayola costume for your dog. The Crayola costume features a one piece body costume that resembles the well known Crayola body pencil and a crayon tip hat completes the look.

The Crayola Blue Dog Costume includes:
*The lovable one piece crayon body
*The finishing touch crayon tip hat

Does your toddler have an artistic soul? Let her imagination run wild with the Color Me Cutie Toddler Costume! It features a bright pink crayon dress with the word “crayon” written on the front and a pink tutu skirt with a sparkly pink overlay, a square neckline, and puffed pink sleeves. The costume also comes with a little pink crayon hat. The best part about this costume? This is one crayon your little one won’t be able to use to write on the walls!

The Color Me Cutie Toddler Costume includes:

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