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  1. Thor Costumes

    Avengers 2 Deluxe Thor Adult Costume

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Thor Costumes: A Mighty Thor Costume for your Avengers party

Is your child clamouring for Thor Costumes? Did you rush to see Thor: Ragnarok the minute it came out? Is Thor your favorite Avenger? Find the perfect adult Thor Costume or child Thor Costume here at Oya Costume Canada. Thor, son of Odin, is the mighty god of Thunder from Asgard. Thor, the Avenger, is inspired by his Nordic mythology counterpart, and fights with his fellow superheroes to save the world. Known for his stubborness, he competes with Hulk for the title of "Strongest Avenger"; and he wields his hammer Mjollnir to fight various villains. With the new (and long-awaited!) Thor: Ragnarok movie now out in theatres, Thor's popularity is soaring: now's the perfect moment to get a Thor Costume! We've got a variety of Thor Costumes for adults and children, as well as an adorable toddler Thor Costume for your little superhero to be. Check out this amazing Thor Costume from Avengers 2, available for Adults and Children ! And of course, no Thor Costume would be complete without a Thor Hammer. You can find Mjollnir for adults or children! With our Thor Costumes, you'll be able to keep both the Earth and Asgard sage. Don't hesitate to check out our other Avengers Costumes if you're looking for a group costume with your friends! Who knows what kind of incredible adventures you and your children will have wearing a Thor Costume and wielding a Thor hammer? If you love both superheroes and ancient mythologies, then a Thor Costume is perfect for you! Our Thor Costumes collection will surely have something that you'll love. Don't hesitate: shop now!

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