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Roman Couple

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Rome the eternal city will welcome you to its heart, with this rich Roman Empress Women costume. Immerse in history, and act out a Roman Empress with this truly gorgeous costume. This outfit consists of a dress that has an attached deep burgundy drape with gold trimming. Two medallions hold the straps on the shoulder, an armband and headband that match the dress complete this simply gorgeous and sophisticated ensemble. Great for roman and Greek parties, and Toga themes. 


 The Roman Empress Women Costume includes: 





Et tu, Brute? Transform into this historical character in this Caesar Roman Emperor Men Costume, comprised of a long white gold-trimmed tunic with red sash thrown over. This costume also includes a gold belt to tie the whole outfit together, as well as Caesar's iconic gold leaf headband. 


The Caesar Roman Emperor Men Costume includes: 





*Shoes NOT included

Immerse yourself in Rome's rich history in this Roman Warrior Men Costume! Fight battles in the Coliseum in this costume consisting of a black tunic with gold trim and flaps by the skirted area. The tunic also consist of various belting across the chest and a gold belt around the waist. Additionally, this powerful costume includes a burgundy cape for a truly mighty look. 


The Roman Warrior Men Costume includes: 




*Shoes NOT included

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