Little Red Riding Hood Costumes and Cape and Big Bad Wolf Costumes and Mask

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not us! And neither will you be with these Little Red Riding Hood Costumes and Big Bad Wolf Costumes! We carry a variety of different styles of Little Red Riding Hood Costumes and Big Bad Wolf Costumes for kids and adults. From the terrifying to to the adorably fuzzy, there's a Red Riding Hood and Wolf costume for everyone. This Baby Little Red Riding Hood Costume, for instance, is absolutely adorable and perfect for visiting Grandma! And for a cute costume match-up, Mom or Dad can wear this inofensive-looking Willie Wolf Funsie. Comfortable, soft, and warm, it's all you could want in a wolf Halloween Costume!  Toddlers can wear this cute Red Riding Hood ensemble Older children will love this classic Red Riding Hood Costume or the Plush Wolf Child Costume. The two costumes are great for a pair of friends or siblings! Teens also have plenty of choices, like this lovely, detailed Red Riding Hood costume. And of course, we've got Red Riding Hood Costumes for women! Don't hesitate to pair them with some of our spookier wolf costumes, such as the terrifying Lunar Psycho Ani-Motion Mask! Or if you truly want to step into the fairy tale, we've got Granny Wolf costumes, such as this ensemble featuring a floral nightgown or this Grandma Wolf Costume. 

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