Nurse and Doctor Costumes

Nurse and Doctor Costumes

Nurse costumes, doctor costumes, and surgeon costumes: find the medical costume for you

It's a beautiful day to save lives! Fans of Grey's Anatomy, House, Scrubs, and other medical shows rejoice: you can dress up as your favorite characters with our doctor costumes, surgeon costumes, and nurse costumes! We've got nurse costumes that are truly a Halloween classic, from the sassy Fashion Nurse to the more typical Classic Nurse, as well as the Lil' Nurse costume for children. After all, a hospital wouldn't run without its nurses! We also carry surgeon costumes for those of you who want to embody Dr. Grey and Dr. Shepherd.  Take a look at the E.R. Doctor costume,or the Plus Size E.R doctor Adult. We've also got doctor costumes, such as this Girls' Doctor Lab Coat or the Medical Doctor Costume. A fun way to have a unique doctor costume is to get a horrific Mad scientist or Mad doctor costume. Just look at this terrifying child's Open Heart Surgeon Costume, this Mad scientist child costume, this blood-splattered Dr. Killjoy costume, which you can complete with accessories such as the Bloody Surgeon Mask, or the bloody bandage gauze

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