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Minnie Mouse & Mouse Costumes

Minnie Mouse & Mouse Costumes

Minnie Mouse Costumes : Disney Costumes Ideas!

Did you know… that Minnie has over two-hundred outfits! Just imagine all the different Minnie Mouse costumes you could choose from.See More Dress Up Ideas

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Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Costumes and Mouse Accessories

All kids and adult kids love Disneyland, and its most popular characters Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. Whether you met them on your visit to Disneyland or fondly remember the cartoon, we love to relive these special memories. At Oya costumes we are offering mini mouse costumes in fun ad adorable designs to meet the needs of adult and kids. Our Disney licensed Mini Mouse toddler costume is simply adorable and will make any child looks cute. Our Pink Mini Mouse is made perfectly for the young girls who love pink. And our Little Mouse is for older girls who want the classic red and black mini mouse complete with cute mouse ears. Our range of mini mouse costumes is not complete without the ladies selections. Women will look absolutely charming in the sexy Miss Mouse Costume. And on the plus side, don’t fret; the Mousing Around will certainly be a winner. Whether it is for a fancy dress party, Halloween and a Disney Trip, our mouse costumes are show stoppers wherever you go.

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