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LEGO Costumes

LEGO Costumes

Boys Ninjago Costumes: Lego Ninjago Kai Costumes and Lego Ninjago Lloyd Costumes

Become a powerful ninja thanks to our brand new collection of Boys Lego Ninjago costumes! We've got Lloyd Boys Costume, as well as a Ninjago Kai Costume and more! The world of Ninjago was created by the First Master of Spinjitzu. He used the four golden: the Sword of Fire, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Scythe of Quakes, and the Shurikens of Ice. His sons, Garmadon and Wu, protected the weapons, but after his death, Garmadon turned evil and was banished to the Underworld by Wu. Today, he's returned with an evil plans and it's up to Ninjas Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane to protect the weapons and defeat him. In the second season, the Green Ninja, who turns out to be Garmadon's son Lloyd, must rise to help the four ninja masters defeat his father once again. A new threat arises in the Lego Ninjago movie when the giant cat Meowthra is released and wreacks havoc on the city. Thanks to our selection of Boy's Ninjago Costumes, you can become Lloyd, Jay, Cole, Kai, and Zane and defeat Meowthra and Garmadon! For more fun, get a friend to dress up in a cat costume and play the part of Meowthra while you don a Lego Ninjago Boys costume!

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