The Incredibles Costumes

The Incredibles Costumes

Why You Need An Incredibles 2 Costume

Did you know… that Toy Story 4 was supposed to be released ahead of Incredibles 2?
Elastigirl was front and center in this new movie, and here at Oya Costumes, we loved it. 14 years is a long time to wait forSee More Dress Up Ideas

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Incredibles Costume: Mr. Incredible Costume, Mrs. Incredible Costume and more

We loved the original The Incredibles movie as the family struggled to fit into suburban life with their special powers all the while saving the world. For us Halloween Costumes lovers, The Incredibles costumes have always been terrific costume ideas for the whole family and everyone in the famiy can join in trick-or-treating as family. Dad can go as Frozone,  Mr. Incredible's best friend, while Mom can be Elastigirl or Mrs. Incredible while the kids get to as Dash and Violet Incredible,. Since 2004, The Incredibles costumes has been are a classic Halloween Costume theme. With the long awaited Incredibles 2 movie due to be released in 2018, The Incredibles Costumes will be back again in strength and back to save the world. Plus, Incredibles 2 will feature a whole new cast of characters! More supers means more fun! While the movie still focuses on the Parr family, the trailers reveal quite a few new characters. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to meet them. Voyd is part of a team of “wannabe” superheroes that Elastigirl meets for her new job. We'll also get to see The Indestructible Brick, The High-Flying Screech,  Super Senior Reflux, Krushauer, and He-Lectrix. Everyone’s excited to see what role they’ll play in Incredibles 2!

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