Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween Costume Contact Lenses | Coloured Fantasy Contact Lenses

If you really want your Halloween costume to stand out this year, try adding a pair of contact lenses! We can guarantee that these will completely transform your look! These accessories are extremely eye catching (pun not intended), and will make your ensemble a lot more realistic. Take a zombie costume for example; there really is no other way to reproduce the creepy look without a pair white contact lenses. Or maybe this Halloween you decided to dress up as a vampire, for the full look try adding a pair of our Vampire Evil Eyes Contact Lenses to stand out among your other flesh eating friends. The possibilities are endless with accessories so versatile! Our most popular Coloured Contact lenses are Contact lenses for Mad Hatter Costume, Maleficent Costume, Zombie Costume, and Vampire Costume. We’ve recently added many new lenses to our collection since they really are so popular. The new ones are intended for costumes such as The Avengers Collection, Jurassic Park Collection any Day of the Dead Costume, and the obvious Zombie/Vampire. But once again these contacts are super versatile and can be used to complete so many different costumes. Our contact lenses are sourced from a Canadian Company: Primal Contact Lenses; so they are compliant with Health Canada regulations as well as the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA). 

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