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  1. Bra Enhancers

    Round Silicone Enhancers

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Bra enhancers | Bra Pads for your costume

Need a bra enhancer for your costume? Oya Costumes Canada has what you need! Our Round Silicone Enhancers add lift and shape to your bust line. Made with soft material, they are soft and comfortable, and feel very natural with your outfit. They're great for cosplays, too! Your costume is already perfect, but you can go the extra mile and add these bra enhancers! They look natural, too. These Curved Silicone Enhancers are a great choice, too! No harm in wanting to give yourself a bit of a boost to add a little "Ooh la la!" factor! Put these little pads inside your bra to accentuate your already fabulous curves! Shop Bra enhancers and bra pads at Oya Costumes Canada. Free delivery available in Canada!

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