Ghostbusters Fun Facts and Halloween Costumes

Ghostbusters Fun Facts and Halloween Costumes

Posted by Anabelle Zaluski on 2020 Oct 23rd

Ghostbusters Fun Facts and Costume Ideas

Everybody loves Ghostbusters. The characters are so charming, the jokes are hilarious, and the plot is full of fun and suspense! If you're on the hunt for Ghostbusters costume ideas, look no further. Our Ghostbusters costume section is full of everything you need for Halloween!

Check out our favourite Ghostbusters costume images below, and while you're at it, learn some fun facts about the movies! There's lots to know about this iconic franchise.

Ghostbusters Costume Halloween 2020

1.  How much money did the Ghostbusters movie make? It grossed $240 million, which equals to $580 million in today's dollars. This made it the highest-grossing comedy of all time, until Home Alone stole its title.

2. We all know and love the Ectomobile, which transported the Ghostbusters near and far to fight ghosts. It's such an iconic prop, that there was only one of them! This car actually broke down as they were filming, but they kept it going until the movie was over.

3. How to pitch a movie 101: experts say that you should be able to describe a movie in five words, and it should explain what the movie's all about. When Ghostbusters was pitched, it was described simply as "Ghost janitors in New York." Apparently, this was good enough to get it produced! We're thankful, because the jumpsuits are a great look.

Ghostbusters Costume Halloween 2020

4. The story of Ghostbusters was actually supposed to take place in the future. This would have helped explain why we (hopefully) don't actually have ghosts in our world today. It was rewritten by Harold Ramis to take place in the modern day, which helped the budget get way lower.

5.  Did you know that Sigourney Weaver got her part in Ghostbusters without saying any words at all? For her audition scene, she chose the moment where her character got turned into a dog. She snarled, barked, and ran around the room like a dog! Thankfully, this was enough to get her a callback.

6. Ghostbusters is a fun and campy comedy. Movies like these usually aren't Academy Award contenders... But the first Ghostbusters actually got nominated for two! It was nominated for Best Original Song and Best Visual Effects. In retrospect, the visual effects weren't fantastic, but the song was still amazing. 

Ghostbusters Costume Halloween 2020

7. The Ghostbusters logo is one of the most iconic movie images of all time. But Ghostbusters didn't actually have a design team make it. One of the producers of the movie used to work in graphic design, and he's the one who came up with the "No Ghost" logo.

8. Dan Aykroyd, who wrote the original script, had a lot of relatives  who claimed to communicate with ghosts. This was part of what inspired him to write the movie! Who knows if they actually talked to ghosts, or just found somebody in a ghost costume to play the part.

9. Bill Murray's character could have been played by Chevy Chase or Michael Keaton, but they both turned down the role. Good thing they did, because Bill Murray is so charming in Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Costume Halloween 2020

10. The original Ghostbusters trailer had a phone number you could call. If you took the time to actually dial it, you would have gotten a message from the actors themselves! However, they changed the number later on because they got way too many calls. 

11.  Ghostbusters is known for being set in New York City. However, only a couple scenes, like the library scene, were actually filmed there! The set designers turned various Los Angeles locations into a New York backdrop. This proves how important decor is, especially for Halloween!

12. The marshmallow man was one of the most iconic figures in the whole series. Did you know how much this giant Ghostbusters costume cost? There were actually three suits, and they each cost a whopping $20 000! Thankfully, our inflatable suits are a lot more affordable.

Ghostbusters Costume Halloween 2020

13. Speaking of the marshmallow man, what about when he explodes? The marshmallow fluff that covers the city was actually made of shaving cream! This made it a lot less tasty, but a lot more practical.

14.  Ghostbusters almost had a different name. When they were trying to put the movie out, producers discovered that there was already a short-lived TV show with the same name. They almost had to changed Ghostbusters to Ghost Smashers, but thankfully they got to use the name.

15. The  all-female Ghostbusters movie, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, that came out in 2016 had all the potential to be great, but totally bombed. Did you know that it's actually the most disliked movie trailer on YouTube? That's harsh.

Ghostbusters Costume Halloween 2020

16. The new 2016 Ghostbusters franchise only got one movie, but it was supposed to have more. The studio scrapped their plans when they only made $220 million from the movie, which was a loss because their budget was $300 million. 

17. In Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, Chris Hemsworth was super nervous about working and with the main actresses, because they're known for being funny. However, he got over his nerves and improvised a lot of his lines on the spot! His character was a pretty fun, glasses-wearing, stupid man who added great comic relief.

18.The first cut of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call was over four hours long. Fans are probably thankful that it was shortened, because it was so poorly received. Even two hours felt like too much!

Did you learn something new about Ghostbusters today? With another movie on the way, there's no better time to learn about the franchise and dress up in a Ghostbusters costume. Happy ghost hunting, and Happy Halloween!

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