These 10 Fortnite Cosplayers are Taking Over!

These 10 Fortnite Cosplayers are Taking Over!

Posted by Anabelle Zaluski on 2020 Aug 4th

Do you know someone who's obsessed with Fortnite? Everybody does! This free game is fun for both kids and adults in so many ways. You can fight zombies and monsters, play against your friends, and even win a Battle Royale—if you've got the skills. Some may argue that Fortnite skins are the best part!

There are some pretty iconic characters in the Fortnite world, like Skull Trooper, the Reaper, and Raven. Cosplayers everywhere are taking to the streets with their amazing Fortnite costumes. We're here to share some of our favourites!

1. Huntress

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Huntress is one of the many hardcore female characters in the world of Fortnite. You can unlock this skin in Tier 1 of Season 5. She's a badass female viking who is rumoured to have travelled through time. With amazing leather accessories and bright blue face paint, Huntress is high on the list of best Fortnite skins. And even without the shaved head, this cosplayer looks amazing in her Huntress costume!

2. Midas

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Midas is an extremely popular character, and for good reason. He's one of the rarer skins, and you can only unlock him if you get to Tier 100 in Season 12. He looks dapper and suave in his black tie and vest, but the scar over his eye tells a different story—Midas knows how to get what he wants. In formal businesswear and gold accessories, it's not hard to achieve this look. This cosplayer painted a toy gun gold and used fake neck tattoos to look just like Midas. 

3. Shadow Ops

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Meet another cool character! Shadow Ops has jet black hair and toned muscles, with a skintight red and black suit. And of course, she has her signature face paint across her eyes. You can purchase this skin in the shop, but it's not offered every day. You need to keep an eye out for Shadow Ops—she's sneaky. This cosplayer seems to have found her, and looks great in her detailed Shadow Ops costume!

4. Peely

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Looking for something a little simpler? Peely is as easy as it gets! This silly banana character is both cool and a little ridiculous. Peely, obtainable in Season 8 of the game, has a lot of different spinoff skins, like Agent Peely and Peely Bone. He's as customizable as it gets! But this cosplayer hit the nail on the head with a simple but accurate mascot-style banana suit. What a great Peely costume!

5. Drift

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Drift is one of the most iconic skins in the game, from Tier 1 of Season 5. He has multiple styles that you can unlock, but he always has his mask on. What kind of creature do you think it is? This cosplayer used a red sleeveless hoodie to get the look, and has a weapon and a Drift mask to pull it all together. If you want to stay anonymous, use a Drift costume!

6. Moxie

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Moxie is one of the rarer skins in the game, and you can only unlock her when she's listed in the shop—which isn't very often. But her exclusivity makes her even better! In bright blue and other colours too, Moxie brings girl power to the world of Fortnite. She also has different custom accessories like her backpack and her huge axe. This cosplayer brought some sex appeal to her Moxie costume, and looks great while doing it!

7. Ghoul Trooper

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Are you a makeup expert? You should definitely try out a Ghoul Trooper costume! Ghoul Trooper is another rare skin that you can only find when it's listed in the shop. Some say that it's easier to find near Halloween, so keep your eyes peeled! This makeup artist and cosplayer decided to go pink with her Ghoul Trooper costume. The look is iconic enough that it's still recognizable, and it looks great! 

8. Rust Lord

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Rust Lord gets a bad reputation in the Fortnite world—it's normally associated with internet trolls and unfair players. It's still an amazing skin from Season 3! Can you spot the inspiration? Some say that Rust Lord is based off Star Lord form the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. No matter where it's from, it's still a pretty cool look. This cosplayer went all out in his detailed Rust Lord costume!

9. Black Widow

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Another Marvel-inspired skin, Black Widow looks dashing in her skintight superhero suit. It was originally released to celebrate Avengers: Endgame's presence in theatres. Now in 2020, it's an extremely rare item because it hasn't been offered in the shop in a while. Black Widow will always live on! This cosplayer looks stunning in her Black Widow costume. The best part about this skin is it's easy to create a costume.

10. Fable

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The better to eat you with, my dear! This Red Riding Hood inspired costume is just like the original, but a little more hardcore. She has red face paint and a bit of wolf fur on her side to indicate that nobody should be getting on her bad side. You can also find Grim Fable, who is like Fable but has a badass wolf hood—they're both from Season 6. This cosplayer customized her outfit to look exactly like Fable. Great job!

What are your favourite Fortnite skins? There are some amazing ones for men, women, and everyone in between! If you're planning a Fortnite cosplay, take a look at our Fortnite section for some easy Fortnite costumes!

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