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Pirates Costume

Pirates Costume - Pirate Costumes for Women, Men and Kids

Pirates have never been as popular as they have been for the past years now – thanks to the now iconic Capt. Jack Sparrow. Now, not only do people know where Davy Jones’ locker is, but many wear pirate costumes in parties and Halloween. Costumes for pirates are available in different designs for all ages and gender but will not be the same without pirate hats, boots, and an eye patch.

Pirate costumes are a hit because they represent a daring and adventurous character that most of us aspire to have. Who wouldn’t want to leave all their cares and worries behind and just sail the open seas in search of treasure and the adventure of a lifetime? Since being a pirate in real life is a far cry from what a pirate is in the movies, a pirate outfit for a day is a good enough adventure for most of us.

Oya Costumes offers the best collection of pirate costumes online. Along with the typical pirate costume, there are also a myriad of pirate accessories such as swords, bandanas, beards, moustache, and earrings. Visit our treasured collection of pirate outfits and start singing "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me . . ."

How could you not want to show up on Halloween as Pirate Captain Cutthroat or in a Prestige Pirate? And for women ready to take on the challenge, Pirate wench is our yearly best seller Costume. Plus your kids will love their own Pirate Costumes, like the Jack Sparrow Child Costume or Sassy Pirate Girl!  Indeed, your whole family can "sail the Seven Seas" in our Pirate Costumes and gather all sorts of trick-or-treat treasure this Halloween! Ahoy!